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Joyous Silver

Parents deserve to have a Happy and Fulfilling life as they step into their Silver years. Its our aim to assist children who believes in giving back to their parents generously with love and attention.


Home care Monitoring

Joyous Silver Home Care Monitoring system provides families with greater peace of mind over the well-being and safety of elderly relatives, especially if they are living alone at home. *1st 20 Sign-up will receive a set of BP Monitoring device as an add-on.

📍 1st 20 sign up will receive a BP monitoring device as add-on to the subscribed service.

Senior Befriending & Support

Ensure your loved one is engaged and cared for when they are alone at home, with our Befriending service. 

Contact us for options for Befriending.

Befriending Service - How it Works ?

The Amazing Steps Of Our Befriending Service


Free Consultation

Connect with us for a free consultation. 


Home Visit & Counselling

A home visitation will be arranged to visit the senior to have a chat to understand her needs and expectation. The kind of activities

E.g. newspaper reading, light-weight hand exercises and simple memory games will be arranged during the visit. 


Weekly Followup

A weekly follow-up will be arranged for our Befrienders to visit the senior. 

If groceries shopping is needed, our befriender will also be running the arrand for seniors. 

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